Daisy Lamb

Personal Trainer

Daisy is one of our Personal Trainers here at PD HeadQuarters. Passionate and energetic, you will find daisy floating around training clients, running her Tabata class or doing a session herself, however she will not shy away from a quick chat to introduce herself. A great asset to our facility daisy is a hard worker and puts other first and it is these attributes that shine through that see herself and her clients achieve great results.

“My style of training is directly influenced by my background in bodybuilding and HIIT training and has moulded my physique to be strong and lean, even after several "off seasons".

My method combines principles from strength training and functional movements to create a mind-muscle connection.

I firmly believe that with a great training routine and proper nutrition, anyone can achieve life-long success in health and fitness.

Whether you are a potential client or just a follower, I hope to inspire you to live a healthier life and become the best version of YOU!“


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Level 4, 31 Leichhardt Street North Ward

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