Meet Em

Personal Trainer

I was the youngest in Australia to be a registered Personal Trainer when qualifying years ago and since then furthered my knowledge and experience in Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset. I love being outside, hiking, reading books and spending time with my furbabies and family. Growing up I played many sports, focusing specifically on representative AFL & Basketball. I love to challenge myself, push my body and my mind to limits that people could not even dream of. I condition my body specifically for each season of the year, training my mind to be the strongest part of my body. I have a passion to educate and inspire others
to living a healthy lifestyle, working closely with each of my members on mindset performance. I have worked with children from beginners to athlete level, adults both men and women that have never trained before to wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle to members who are working towards very serious goals. I have coached my members through weight loss goals, muscle gain goals, physical competitions, performance training, maintenance levels, injuries, personal crisis’s and so much more throughout my whole career. I love what I do, I love a challenge and I always believe in never giving up.