Platinum Amino Energy

Platinum Amino Energy


Platinum Amino Energy | 30 Servings 


Platinum Amino Energy by MuscleTech has a combination of ingredients designed to support better performance and energy at the gym as well as recovery after. This new formula will provide you with all the essentials, including branched chain amino acids, energy enhancer, electrolytes and recovery complex.


When you have Platinum Amino Energy by MuscleTech, you'll:

  • Support better performance as you give your body a formula filled with the right ingredient's blend so you can achieve your best each and every time.
  • Support energy requirements, especially when you are training, and you need that boost of energy to perform.
  • Support recovery as you fuel your body with the ingredients necessary to prevent muscle breakdown.
  • Have a product with no hidden ingredients or amounts, so you know precisely what you are putting in your body each time you take it.


At MuscleTech, we never cut corners when it comes to our products and Platinum Amino Energy has a fully disclosed list of each ingredient. No hidden amounts so you know exactly what you are having in each scoop.


When it comes to performance and energy during your workouts, Platinum Amino Energy by MuscleTech delivers everything you need. With a combination of amino acids, caffeine and electrolytes, you will smash through the hardest workouts every time you hit the gym.